05 July 2005

bouncing baby bunnies

While weeding over the weekend I discovered a bunny burrow. It was placed right in front of the back deck. Inside, six baby bunnies were all nested intertwined together. Their eyes had not opened yet. I carefully replaced the weeds. Luckily the momma bunny has come back and is taking care of the babies still, and their eyes are opening!

(bunny butt)

We had a wonderful fourth of july weekend. We went to the beach, and art festival and enjoyed our own fireworks from the back of our car in our driveway. We were supposed to be on a boat, but the weather did not cooperate, so Paul braved the drizzle and entertained us with our own small firework display. Caden was in awe of them. He asked and asked for them and then he would hide behind me when they went off. He would cautiously peak over my shoulder and stare in wonder. The look on his face was like he knew it scared him but he couldn't take his eyes off from them.

I also got to pick up some art supplies.

Some beads, and wool felt. I am so excited to get back to crafting, I just haven't had the time lately. hmmm...actually I think I keep putting it off subcontiously because I just don't want to fail. But some of the greatest things in life has come out of "failure". I just need to get back into the swing of things.

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