07 July 2005

felting away

Today Caden and I made felted beads. pictures to follow tomorrow maybe.... It was fun, but Caden had about no attention span, so he would help make a bead and then run around like mad. Oh well, it was fun anyway.

Last night we had fun scavening the beach with Grandma. Caden found lots of leftover treasures like a shovel, a moon man, and two fish forms. So we did our "beach cleanup" last night. We thought it would wear him out, but I think it recharged his batteries! It was also fun, no matter what the result :)

Bunny update...all is well, momma bunny still taking care of the babies and they are getting too big for the burrow! They are getting close to moving on, it looks like. Of how fast they grow up, thank goodness we don't grow up that fast! Caden is already so big! I couldn't imagine sending my baby out into this cruel, cruel world. (ie, London) Who are these people who would do something like this, is this the world they want to send their babies out into?

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