19 July 2005

happy anniversary to us!

We have been married for eight years as of today! We went on the boat, cruised the big lake all by ourselves (Caden had VBS and his favorite sitter). We had a nice dinner, we shored the boat up and had dinner at the Snug restaurant on the pier walk-way. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful night, we watched the sun set and the moon rise while floating on Lake Michigan. It was the best anniversary we have ever had. We have had more extravagant ones, but this was nice, low-key and less stressful. We both were surprised by the gifts we exchanged. I got Paul a pocket watch engraved with "always & forever" (something that we have always ended our notes back and forth from day one). He got me a beautiful diamond and ruby bracelet. We are so blessed.

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♥ joleen ♥ said...

oh! happy belated anniversary!! :D