17 July 2005

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is Paul's birthday. We had a good time boating on Lake Michigan. It was hot inland, but much nicer out in the big lake. Tuesday is our anniversary. I am so excited, this is the first year that I actually thought of a great gift. You see, Paul is the more romantic one in this relationship..I am so lucky!

On the crafting front..I haven't been so successful. I am working on the sock dog (instead of a monkey) for month of softies (http://www.loobylu.com ) Well, I have bought the socks anyways :) Time has been flying by...I must be getting older. It seems that I have been busy entertaining Caden over the summer. This week is Vacation Bible School and I am helping with that also. I am also going to start volunteering in the food pantry.

I received the cutest little scissor charm from http://craftlog.org just as a thank you for reading her blog. Reading her blog is enough of a reward, but it was so nice to get something in the mail. It seems that mostly we receive bills and junk mail, it is so fun to get good mail!

bunny update....They have all grown up and moved on...I see them hopping through the yard here and there. They haven't even bothered my new perennials.


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