29 August 2005

Air Zoo

We made the most of our weekend by traveling and getting to know what there is to do in Michigan. First was Binder Zoo, next day we went to the air zoo. It was dimly lit so the pictures are not so good, but here are a few highlights. We got to go into a simulated space shuttle ride and wear goofy 3-d glasses:

Caden will not pose anymore, he is sick and tired of all of mom's blogging!

Caden and I are flying along...daddy would not share in any spinning around in circle fun.

this is the miniature shuttle ride, like they have in the malls, but you can see an example of the beautiful murals they have, even the floor was intricately muraled.

the view inside an old WW2 war plane that carried parachuters.

This is Caden testing out his barn-door kite (we got to make it there) in the "wind tunnel".

One last propeller picture for good measure :)


myra said...

Great pictures! My son would love that place!

Leslie said...

How funny! My husband and I just took our kids there in April. My hub's uncle volunteers there. It was tons o' fun, and I was amazed at how pristine the whole "zoo" was!

michelle said...

thank you for all your nice comments!