27 August 2005

Binder Zoo here we come!

Oh come on give me a kiss! This was the absolute best zoo experience we have ever had. I usually get depressed for the animals not living out in the wild, but this allowed such a wonderful experience. The giraffes eat out of your hand, you can see eye to eye with them. This giraffe grabbed my hand with his tongue and enveloped my hand withing its' mouth ever so gently. A conservation theme was the theme of the park.

This is Caden (with daddy holding onto him) looking at and feeding the giraffes.

zebras too!

ok ok, this is enough for now, I'll post some more later, or you can click on the pictures and I think they go to my flickr account or use this...( http://flickr.com/photos/65079589@N00/ ) Tomorrow is the air zoo, hmm busy busy!

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