19 August 2005

clay time

Recently I have been working with clay again. This is the original medium I worked in and have been trained (a little) in. I am working on making embossed molds sort of like these (but much smaller)

I love carving the designs into clay. I love clay.

It has been a stormy couple of days. This may be a signal that our hot summer days are winding down. I hope so....

Nothing much else is new. We have found a house that we like, but it is as slow going as this house! The realtor doesn't call back and neither does the finance office, is this a Michigan thing? We have never had so many calls go unreturned. I guess once we get financed it will be easier, but it would help if the finance office would at least return our first call! We just need to be happy where we are at, but I feel like we are throwing money out the window by renting. In due time I suppose.

Another pet peeve, not only am I going to be the big 3-oh this year, but I found out that I need glasses. What? This is not fair! I now have become obsessed with looking for wrinkle cream to make sure that doesn't start happening too. The good news is that I have finally gotten the chance to start working on art again. Our church has asked me to take some photographs for the website. That made me feel a little better. :)

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Anonymous said...

and how old does that make your mother feel?????lol