17 August 2005

swimming along

We got to go to the aquatic center again. Caden had so much fun and he is even attempting to swim. He has learned how to float and even dog paddle. This surprised me because all my attempts to show him have been thwarted. He doesn't act like he wants to learn...but back in there he is really listening, he is just so stubborn--it needs to be his idea for things to work out properly. He is definitely a "in his own time" kinda kid. I am hoping to enroll him in lessons this fall. He needs to know how to swim because we live at the lake and we are walking or boating in the water almost daily.

Last night Paul was able to come home by 6:30! We went for a walk on the pier and had ice cream. We literally saw so many people that we knew. We had no idea my cousin was camping with her family at the beach, we also saw two families that we have become acquainted with through church. Usually we never see anyone we know, we don't really know that many people because we didn't grow up here.

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