22 August 2005

Monday Blatherings...

i love these designs.. I found them here! She was on a recent Crafters Coast to Coast.
Tomorrow is the big day, after weeks of procrastination, I will be picking up a new pair of glasses, with my mom's help. We have had our normal laundry monday, and I have been cleaning out the closets. I am hoping too get all of our stuff down to what we use, so moving (whenever that comes) will be easier. (plus, I am a neat freak) Paul bought me a Wacom tablet this weekend so I can practice my graphic design and other stuff. I was really shocked! (it is like a pen and paper for the pc) I have been practicing off and on today. I have been able to doodle, but not much more than that so far.

Caden is obsessed with Bob the Builder lately. He wants to watch the DVD all day long. He loves it. That is all for now, I have to find all the parts to the camera to get it back to functioning so I can post more pics.

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