16 September 2005

Dare to Dream

Dare to dream...

That is what my motto is today...we have made an offer on a house, we will see how it works out. If it does, we will be in November 1st. I never, ever believed we could get a house of our very own. Wow... Caden would have so much space to run and other little boys to play with in the neighborhood. Wonderful neighborhood and location...And as Grandma always said, the least expensive house in the best neighborhood you can afford.

Trust me, we have looked and looked. We looked in a very low price range and decided that we really could not find the right neighborhood or enough space. One house we looked at was purple and green and yellow and teal and that was the least of its problems...

Dare to dream.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Meghan here.

I haven't read your blog yet, but it looks so neat. I don't remember you telling me about it before.