20 September 2005

Self-portrait Tuesdays...Wounded

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This is an image of my injured right hand, my dominant hand. I was gardening to the point of blisters. (Well, actually "ungardening"-getting my bulbs up to bring to our new house!) A good reminder that we all need to listen to our physical cues.

On another note...the reason why this post is late is that I went in for my quarterly SI nerve blocks. This was with my new neuro, and these blocks really knocked me out. Apparently this will be a lifetime routine, unless they come up with some sort of cure for a fusion that fused in the nerve canal. Oh well, that is life, err at least mine anyways. I really do not like to write about it, but it is a big part of our lives in that it has majorly altered our way of life and choices.

Ok, enough of that...

Caden has been the sweetest little guy lately. When I got my blister, he went inside and got warm water running to rinse it out and then brought two ice packs. One for his bruises (he is so active he is like one big bruise on his legs) and one for my blister. He was such a good little helper. He is really empathetic to everyone and tries to soothe anyone that is upset or hurt. So sweet.

Today, Grandma picked him up from preschool because she was helping us out (it was during my nerve blocks). (Thanks Grandma) Caden very seriously said, "oh no grandma, I forgot my lawnmower". You see, we always tell him that when he gets older he can cut grandma's grass. Well, he is older, by a couple of days at least! Hey that is a long time in a child's eyes! How blessed are we!

house update...looking good, paperwork to the mortgage company and rate locked in...we will see, we still are in disbelief, we have been leasing for so long!

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