08 October 2005

Cute bears..

I found this link via
mollychicken's blog. Here are a few samples of cuteness...

holiday bear

adorable hedgehog


Speaking of cuteness, I must get this book

I love love love what momo has been doing with the patterns in the book. So cute!

I was, however, very fortunate to get this book:
Because I was drooling over the cute little puppy and bird patterns. No..I do not knit..but I figured I could use some of my home-made felt in place of the knitted pieces and use the pattern. I wish I could learn to knit..but there are so many other things on the list of things to do before that:)

In other news...it looks like we have the house! 99.9% sure that we will be moving into our very first home of our own mid November! Yahoo! (please continue to pray if you can..we can still use the extra thoughts!, this has been so stressful)

Grandpa is going home tomorrow morning. We had a nice family get-together last night. It is nice seeing family that live so close, but we never see because everyone is busy in their everyday lives.

1 comment:

momo said...

glad you found and bought the book!!

i love family gatherings too...nothing can beat that warm and comfortable feeling you have when you are with your family...=)