06 October 2005

How did Dad get in the Radio?

My husband has been working insane hours for the past few months. We all know it is the choice you make when you start a small business, so we have been dealing. Sometimes we don't deal all that well and it gets overwhelming. One fact of this situations is that I haven't had the time to work on my art. Well, yesterday morning, I was driving Caden to preschool at 7:30, and we here Paul on the radio. It was a good thing we were listening to that station because he did the sweetest thing. He just called (as the DJ said, he was having a sensitive man moment) to say how much he realizes this is hard on our family and how he is doing it all for us. Caden knew it was daddy. He didn't think it was at all unusual. Caden just asked me, "mommy...how did daddy get in the radio?" He really wanted to know if there was somewhere we could go to get in the radio with Dad...which, in a way is true...you drive to the radio station (but Paul was on the phone) Very perceptive little gut we have. And how loved we are by his daddy. :)

Oh, on another note, this is my new and (hopefully) improved logo. I finally got my acorn right! (I will get illustrator under my belt one day!!)

now i want to make a rubber stamp out of it and a separate acorn stamp, I wonder if I will accomplish this before the end of the year? haha..

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