02 November 2005

He did it again..

ooooh scary

This is reminiscent of the corn kernel in the ear incident, so mother's of young toddlers beware! Caden has done it again. This time it involved an orange tic tac and his nose. I gave him a tic tac, turned my back for two seconds, and in those two seconds, he inserted it into his nose. UGH! Orange syrup was dripping from his nostril, Caden freaked out. I asked him to blow his nose, it didn't budge. I was sort of relieved to see that it was melting, but also had the fear in the back of my head that he cold inhale it and who knows what would occur then?...It dislodged itself in very little time. Caden will not talk of this tic tac incident, and seem quite traumatized by the whole incident. Maybe this will keep him from inserting small objects into his nose and ears. I am losing my faith, but maybe, just Maybe, the lesson has been learned.

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