04 November 2005

Big News...

The house loan is done and ready for signing! We should be in our new house by mid-November. Yahoo! We are so relieved and excited, and a little bit nervous.

In other big news, I have had a job offer too good to not try. My disability allows for a five month exploration of jobs. It has never been my life's' aspiration to be disabled, but sometimes you have to take the deal that has been dealt. This job is part-time (I know I am not healthy enough to work full-time), pays really well, and is a job share. Caden would end up spending only two afternoons in daycare. I think it will be a good move for all. I will have more crafting money (yes!) and I think it will help me feel a little more secure in life. (Not so dependent) I seem to have reached a stable point where palliative measures (lots of meds and MD appointments) have helped me not to get any worse. Also, this job seems to be not very physically demanding, and I wouldn't have to sit all the time either. We will see, only time will tell. The way we see it, it doesn't hurt to try. I already looked up all the ceramic supplies that I will need to make use of my kiln! Truly exciting. I find out more on Monday morning, while Caden is in preschool.

Big changes, but good. Paul's car is still broken, but at least now we know what is wrong with it (top half on engine..about $4000) We will get is fixed soon, after all this house stuff is final. We have been so blessed. A wonderful person from church has loaned us a car in the meantime. So so very blessed. My hopes have been raised, life can be good!

I will leave you with some beautiful illustrations by Ana Ventura

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