21 November 2005

We Made it!

We are all moved in. It is wonderful to have our very own house. This is the picture of us and all our leaves!

We have made piles and even tried to burn them, but they are too wet from the snow that we received. Ah, the responsibility of home ownership! I have no idea why these leaves are stressing me, but they are!

We moved right before the weather turned. In fact, the final part of the move was in the cold rain. Here are some pictures my mom's friend took of the pier when we had some wild weather.

The weather here is always fun, something new everyday. Tonight it is supposed to start snowing again and it isn't supposed to stop until the end of the week.

Hopefully life will get back into the normal swing of things soon. We are so thankful to be in the new house.


momo said...

congratulations on the new house!! hope you are having loads of fun ^^

Beth said...