09 November 2005

tuned out..

That is how I have been feeling lately, tuned out. Everything is whirling around and here I am just trying to hold it down. We will be moving Monday, we sign all the paperwork tomorrow for the new house. We are living in the midst of boxes and clutter, just the way that I cannot tolerate. I despise clutter. I think it is because I have so much going on in my mind, I cannot have it all out in my house, my refuge from the world, also. Well, all things are good, and I am not trying to complain. The good news is that we are quick at unpacking and getting organized. Yippee, we are getting closer to the end.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. We will be going out to pizza which is our little tradition that was created when Paul, Caden and I moved here a few years ago. It is nice to have some sort of family tradition, I didn't really grow up with any.

The job news is also good, it may or may not be permanant (ok with me) depending on how we all feel. I only have four days for this month and they don't start until the 23rd. So that will give us a lot of time to move in and get organized.

In other news, I have come upon a few cool things in my internet perusings...

By Jeremiah Ketner

by Fumi Watanabe, I love her work, I would love to get one for our new house! (not going to happen, too much right now :(

I totally adore these salt and pepper shakers by Perch. All of the above item can be found here

I also love Eendar's work:

It makes me so excited to be able to buy the rest of the supplies I need to use my kiln.

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momo said...

eee...i understand that feeling...hope everything will be sorted out soon!! ^^