24 January 2006



Our six month old kitty. We saw a free ad for her and her sisters, we had to take a look. She now joins the notorious B.O.B. our boogie eyed goldfish as our pets. Kiwi, sadly, is so missed, but she went to a happier home for her, one with more dogs. We could see that she was one of those dogs who does better in homes with other dogs, and, we just aren't into having a huge amount of pets. We do miss kiwi, but she is so so happy in her new home. Sometimes the old cliche of "if you love something, you have to let it go" really makes sense.

Ok, on to Zoe, she is sweet, kinda shy and still acclimating. She wants to love and purr all night, and sleep all day. She hides when she hears Caden coming (she is smart too ;) But we think that it will take a few weeks for her to take over and run the house! She already had her first bath (she came from a "cat" house, meaning, in the nicest way ever, a cat-run furry place). She took it well.

We have been re-doing the spare bedroom. It was an awful pink, we covered it with tan that we already had. The pink came through, it was ugly. We picked a pretty sage and put in the futon for now. Eventually it will probably hold a queen bed, but right now we are using it as a sort of den.

Caden flopping around!

another pic of Caden showing off, he is a ham at heart!

I have been crafting. The curtains are too short in the spare room, so I have been thinking of adding length to them with a coordinating fabric. I tried to make some of those beautiful log cabin pillow like this:

by the so talented Lisa from http://www.birdinthehand.typepad.com, I hope she doesn't mind that I used her photo, but I had to show you how beautiful the pattern is. It didn't turn out so well. I think I really need so much more practice and probably the book that I have been wanting and dreaming of!

It isn't around here, and I don't like to buy it online.

This is my new pincushion that I created..I didn't have one. Now I do! It was inspired from the new Martha Stewart Living magazine.
I like it...it could always be better.

We are making crayon wax hearts today...picures to follow in an upcoming post...So that is that!


Kristina said...

I want that book too....everybody's writing about it and we don't have it around here either :o(
I'm also a huge fan of Lisa's log cabin pillows. I tried to make one too, but gave up before I even started sewing! I might give another try later on...

Paul said...

So many things to do and yet we still have fun....

Papa Bear