16 January 2006


Caden is enamored with Stephanie, his babysitter. (Honestly we may be too, it is just nice to get out once in a while.) I am truly enamored with the love of my life, my husband. My crazy, creative husband who planned a date night, and always plans our dates. He is so loving, caring and thoughtful. He put us up at the Amway Grand, in Grand Rapids and we had planned on going to a club. We went to said club, but it was packed, so we went to a couple of more, walking the freezing streets of Grand Rapids. Alone. Child, warm, safe and NOT with us. Hooray. We had the opportunity to dance the night away, but found ourselves, snuggled in at the hotel by eleven. Oh, that sounds so sad. We have lost our zest for the nightlife forever (many have wondered if we ever had that in the first place) and found that snuggling is much nicer. It was nice to sleep a night without our door opening, loudly, with the announcement that someone has to go potty, or he is awake, or needs something. It was sooo nice. We slept in. Thank you Paul.

On another note, we have another health stress, I have been remanded back to a neurologist for what is thought to be a pituitary gland problem, restless leg syndrome, whatever, who knows, it just isn't that I am crazy. Did you know that something like 25% of the population have tumor on the pituitary gland, but it doesn't create any problems? Scary. I have to admit, I have been nervous. It is on Wednesday.

I have been missing my true friends, in Oregon. It is difficult to find true friends. I have the ultimate best friend in my husband, but I must admit, it has been quite sad missing our friends. Good friends are hard to find. Everyone seems to busy to care. Unless it is scheduled (as in a church commitment), and on that day, we are to stick to the topic at hand, and not pursue friendships, it seems. We love where we live, our house, the small family life created here with my mother and our family and even extended family in GR. But I really liked Portland, but was unsure of Caden growing up there, no offense, just different growing up on Lake Michigan, small town yadda yadda is very nice. Who knows the decisions we make, but I don't want to move across the country again! But I miss you Meghan and Katie.

Good thing God gave me Paul. (and of course Caden, our constant source of amusement and energy) .

that is that....for now...

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melanie said...

a night out while the kids are safe and sound somewhere else... sounds like heaven!!