05 January 2006

new year clean-up

We are slowly coming out of our post-Christmas slumber around here. Real-life is emmerging just around the corner. Paul is to start his new job on Tuesday, and preschool comes back from vacation Monday. Oh how I will miss sleeping in and afternoon naps. But life always marches on.

We have completely put away all hints of Christmas and organized almost everything from the move. If we had two cars...we could put both of them in the garage. We do, in fact, have two cars..actually three, but only one is on the road. We still haven't figured out what to do about the mechanic-abused car that needs 1700 dollars to repair his mis-mechanic doings. Ugh. The other car is all fixed..all 7000 dollars fixed, but is sitting on the lot to be sold or paid for by us if we so decide. I don't know. We have a plan, now it just needs to pan out. We will see.

I have spent too many hours dreamind of purchasing this book:
it has the cutest patterns for sweet little stuffed animals, but alas, it is in Japanese and Paul insists that it would be silly for me to get a book that I cannot read. But I hear from so many sources that the pictures speak for themselves and you can figure out the patterns quite easily. The major problem is that I haven't found anywhere locally that carries these books and online shopping seems to mess up my account everytime I try it. One day we aspire to have a separate credit card just for online, but right now, I am quite happy being credit card free.

I also have been drooling for this book...
But I haven't found it locally, but I just came up with an idea...could it possibly be at the library...hmm I need to check that out. Our scanner just broke, so it would be difficult to save any inspirations to my computer.

I have been wanted to try my hand with paper collages sort of like these..

by Ana (http://www.papeisportodolado.blogspot.com/) sorry being a lazy blogger...

and these


by Camilla (http://www.camillaengman.com/misc/index2.htm)

I have the materials, I just need to get off my duff and get around to it! I have all my stuff ready to order for the ceramics, but decided to wait until Paul starts his job. I did, however, but eight yards of heavy muslin fabric to use as liners for my new curtains I made. The idea is that they will be reversable, and I am going to use fabric paint to stencil on something simple on the bottom. Maybe something like Lotta (http://www.jansdotter.com/). That would be nice! Oh, and one more thing I want to work on, a sock dog! Yep that's the list. Let's see how much I accomplish between all of my medical appointments and etc!

blah blah blah, but leave it to me, I registered for the prescription benefits wrong and I have to wait another month before my insurance will pick up prescription costs...ugh!! I got a confirmation on the internet, but was lazy and didn't write it down, if I did, i wouldn't had to wait this long probably. But it works out because I had chosen the wrong plan anyway. Isn't this just the most interesting post ever? ;)

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