06 January 2006

oh happy day...

On the good side, I got to get some of the material I needed to finish our curtains.
On the bad side, I have to go to a neurologist. Ugh. Not again. They got me in fast, that is nice, but this was completely unexpected. A completely new problem, not really related to my back injury at all. hmph. Oh well, I am going to forge on, no worries.

We have our small group here on Tuesday night, so I need to get my curtains done! I was thinking of making a stencil for the bottom of the linen curtain. The stencil is hopefully going to evoke the same feeling of this:


We found some sticky clear paper that will work great (I hope) to create a cut out stencil and stick it to the material and paint in the design with fabric paint. This will probably be one of my projects this weekend. It looks like we will be venturing to a HO train show. Ever since we found out we were having a boy, Paul has always dreamed of sharing his love for scale trains. We are now slowly building our own small collection. They are in the spare bedroom, which has nothing else in it yet, so why not? They have such fun!

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