13 January 2006

Sewing along..

Our kitchen window, sorry about the flash, but it has been overcast for weeks!

Our couch is sporting some of the new pillows that I have been sewing, and behind are the curtains I am so happy with!

And, at last, the curtains which are framing our snow flake windows. I love how they turned out, they warm up the house, literally! The window should be sporting some wax hearts hanging pretty soon in celebration of Valentine's Day.

This is a picture from our banister to the downstairs. The sail boat is hand made by my dad. I fell in love with it, and of course, he gave it to me!

This is my sniffle pack, a tissue pack and a cough drop carry case. Really the case was a mistake, but I liked it and decided it could be put to a good use too. The tissue holder has a little monkey charm, I have always liked the charm, and finally put it to good use.

Tomorrow will be date night. Paul has planned it all. We haven't gone out, alone, for a while. It will be really nice, I am excited!

Finally, a little cuteness from last summer...

the little bunnies born under our deck, discovered while gardening. They all grew up and hopped away one day. I cannot wait till summer. Working on the pool yesterday got my excitement up, I have never had a pool in my backyard, it better be warm this year!

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