17 February 2006


hi all. well we made is through rain, hail, sleet, lightening, thunder, freezing rain, snow and oh yeah tornado watches all in one day-yesterday. It was an interesting weather day.

Caden is fighting another illness, he has been lying down all day, which you all know, that is terribly unusual. We have a kid who does sommersaults when he has bronchitis. It is nice to have cuddle time, but not when he is sick :(

Paul has redesigned our kitchen while he is awaiting the offers from two jobs. And they are both local! Very local, no long commute. It is nail-biting though, waiting for offers that will (hopefully) change your life.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 8 degrees as the high, so we have decided to "pack" it in and stay home, nice and warm. The weather people call it breath-takingly cold, so we will just sit this one out (or in, rather! :) It will warm up in a couple of days.

good day!

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jackie said...

Hope you get some warm weather soon.
Thanks for the nice comments on my site.