26 February 2006

There is a light at the end of the tunnel....I think :)

Paul has a new job that will be starting the 14 of March and a very possible contract to hold his attention and make some wages until then. Such a blessing. This is great news. The other news is the we(well actually Paul) are going to renovate the bathrooms. The small bathroom doesn't need much, we are switching out the dated cabinetry for a sleek pedestal sink. And then we will eventually tile the floor, it has maple laminate that will be replaced throughout the house to hardwood eventually. (When the kitchen is re-done) We have found very reasonable sources for hardwood and cabinetry, and the labor is, well, free, I suppose. We want to do all of this by the end of the summer. The yard will be needing attention too. We have nearly 3/4 of an acre. It is landscaped, but we have way too much grass, we will be making planting beds and order a whole bunch of sand to make a "beach" area. Caden will have a blast with a huge sandbox in the backyard. The fencing around the pool is ok but will need to be replaced soon because it is ugly. Luckily my mom's garden needs to be preened and we will be able to get starters for a lot of different kinds of plants. I am so excited for that! It will;; require a lot less mowing when we are done. The house has been updated since 1975, it looks good, but not great. We would like the cabinets drawers to actually have rails to glide on. We are making it look modern with "furniture" like cabinetry and quality hardwood instead of maple laminate which looks great but is quite slippery. Our cat has even developed "the skid with bottom down to stop you from running into fridge technique"

Onto other happenings. Caden has had an ongoing cold. It has gone from bronchitis to just a drippy icky nose that makes everyone grouchy. I have found out that I have apnea. Severe apnea, which is so strange because I have none of the risk factors, I don't even snore. I stop breathing 31 times in one hour. So strange. So now I go to the ENT to see if there is an obstruction. There are two kinds of apnea, obstructive and neurological, like premature babies that have not developed the wiring to keep breathing, or people with neurological disorders. I have no idea what mine is. I get to go and get a lumbar epidural on Tuesday for my ongoing nerve damage in my back. So a lot of health stuff going on here. Paul has been pretty healthy, except for all the stress he has to have, ugh.

Well I haven't made much of anything crafty this week, but I have found some pretty things. I will wrap this entry with nice positive thoughts.....

Etelage is a beautifully creative jewelry store down under in Australia. They have beautiful jewelry like this:

and this:

if you want to see the most detailed little glass cakes go to http://www.untitledsmile.com/. Really unique, such sweet details.

I have been so inspired by Jen Garrido

"anything for you"

"fiesta love"

One more artist Elsa Kawai
In fact, Etsy is a wonderful site to wander around to look at and purchase beautiful artful items from jewelry to ceramics and supplies.

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