06 February 2006


Our church has started a "Godblog", in which we communicate through journaling and praying with God, that is sorta like a blog-isn't it. Is is not what we do, journal our life experiences, our wants, loves and desires on our blogs? Well, life has taken an unexpected turn for us...we have been dissapointed. I guess we will see what is next. But life will march on, we have our health, (well sorta for me ;). So all I want to do is share some visual interest, what helps keep me happy.

another beautiful fabric and creation in the work bysix and a half stitches

of course another favorite from my favorite, Penelope for those of you who "know" my house, it would look beautiful, no? I love this painting.


by Mati Rose McDonough

This linocut is by the always talented Littlestflower from Australia

and finally

The always enjoyable resin encased works by Alena Hennessy

Hope this adds a little sunshine for your day, because I sure hope that the light at the end of the tunnel has not been shut off due to power shortage! hehe

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jackie said...

I was quite suprised to see my bunnies there. Thanks for linking me.