01 February 2006

medical mayhem

Brain scan:done,
Completely strange Sleep Study:done.
Prognosis: Who knows.
The sleep study was not an experience I recommend. I didn't want to do it.(who really would?) I have had another undocumented one during attaining my BA. It showed no REM. Guess what, this one, ten (ugh) years later, no REM. The technician slapped a C-PAP, (something that you put on your face to keep you breathing) for 6 hours. It did not help. She said I had sleep apnea. She was not qualified to make a diagnosis. Needless to say, I freaked out. I don't need another ailment. Luckily Paul had the presence of mind to call my neurologist, who was also appalled by this and told us that it takes 10-14 days for Doctors to go over the information and make a conclusion. This conclusion was something completely out of the realm of expectation and hopefully under further review completely false. I rarely snore, my husband has never noticed me stopping breathing at night, how could I have apnea. I don't sleep, that is all, who knows why....

So that is how my last two days went. But to make up for all of this medical nightmares, guess what found it's way to me?

that's right...
The local little bookstore ordered it and got it in super fast. This is the best! It makes up for a couple of crummy days, and so does having a loving husband and cute kid, and my new found cuddle-mate Zoe.

She slept in my spot last night during my testing, and was all out of sorts until I got home. Animals really make you feel loved pretty much unconditionally. (It is probably because I am the one who feeds her, but I like to think otherwise!)

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