21 August 2006

change is inevitable....

This is a adorable little painting by superminx from Australia. I found her art through flickr. I really like flickr for storing my pictures as well as exploring.

I have been loving anything owl lately. sewing stars (picture above) is making lovely hand sewn versions.

this a miniature version made by Theresa as part of another adorable creation like this one:
, aren't they cute?

Ok, well on to why I titled this blog. Caden is now going to kindergarten and not young fives. He is also going to the smaller school district that we live in. We live in the city of Spring Lake, but Fruitport school district. Ugh, so confusing. I talked personally with the principal, and she assured me that he is ready. I still placed him with the teacher that teaches the young fives, just in case he needs to switch, at least he will have the same teacher. It is expected that the kids read by the end of kindergarten, that is wonderful, but I am not sure if it is practical for Caden. We will see. I know a lot of kids going into first grade that haven't started to read. Caden can identify sight words and his name, and tries so hard to read. He wants to learn and is so curious, so I think he will do great.

In light of this news, we went back to school shopping. He is great on pants (unless another growth spurt happens before September fifth!) and ok on shirts. I like the collared shirts, like polo shirts, he doesn't like tight shirts and stretches out the necks of his t-shirts. More nice shirts are what we are looking for, and as always, shoes.

So that is all for now.


andi said...

heehee... I came here after reading Dawbis' post about copycats and I was just seeing who was responding and when i got to your page I thought ***k that looks like one of my pictures... LOL! it was such a surprise. Thank you! Andi.

gracia said...

Ooh, I love that little owlie chap too.
cheers, grache