09 August 2006

marco.... polo

my boys...

We have all been out of sorts lately. I hope that this will pass by soon...

Even though we seem to have the summertime blues, we cannot let this beautiful weather just pass us by. The pool has seen the majority of action around here. I taught Caden how to play marco/polo in the pool today. He likes to bend the rules...I kept catching him sneaking a peak. :) Caden is getting so tan, even more tan than his father! We are having a small group pool party this Sunday, so I have been trying to clean the pool everyday, so we get to play every afternoon, not much else is getting accomplished. It is so nice for my back to be able to have a pool. I like to be able to be active, but some days even taking a walk is out of the question. One day, maybe doctors could figure something out to fix failed fusions, till then, I am thankful for what I have.

Paul sold his beloved Saab today, we are not too happy to have to let it go, but it isn't practical for us to have two wagons. We hope to find a small truck or jeep. We might have found one, but we are waiting how things out before getting too excited about it.

Oh, on a cute note, Caden won a free meal at a local restaurant for his drawing. He was so proud. And so are we. So there are a couple of things to cure the blues, but I think it will take a little more than that :( Wish us luck!

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