31 August 2006

fifteen miles of vintage cars

Last weekend we ventured out to Grand Rapids to see the Fifteen Mile long car show on 28th street. There were so many cars, some were driving along the busy street, others were lined in various parking lots. Literally there were hundreds if not a thousand cars. Most of the cars were beautiful old cars, but there were a few customized cars newer cars. It was a huge car show. I decided to take pictures of mostly the emblems and lettering of the vintage cars.

Here are a few:

vintage corvette

I loved the color of this car, it was quite overcast, so the color isn't true on the picture, but still pretty, it was an apply green, but not overwhelmingly bright.

and some emblems:

and a fully restored 1965 garbage truck:

and we end with Caden, proudly standing in front of a british limo.

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