01 September 2006

our garden...

Our first garden in this house is coming to it's summer's end.
here are some pictures.

Our wildlife have planted lots of sunflowers for us.(we feed them all black sunflower seeds since I rather have sunflowers grow than the weed like mixture that results from regular bird seed. besides, the birds seem to love it, it even attracts the brightly colored birds.)

a yet to open sunflower.

the hydrangea's last hurrah.

and some late summer bouquets from the garden:

these hydrangeas are from the same bush, I love that we get all of these colors, earlier in the summer the blooms were bright blue, now we have lime green with tinges of pink and blue.

a late summer bouquet.

a close-up on my one and only dahlia, I think the chipmunks have eaten all the others, or rabbits, or some other form of wildlife, we have them all to chose from.
In fact, we have had the biggest problem with chipmunks, there has been a bumper crop of babies this year and they are not afraid of us. One sits on our front porch, right by the front door, chirping loudly all day long. Somedays it gets on my last nerve, Caden scares it off and it comes right back in less than one minute!

Last, but not least, my biggest helper...

Caden, of course.

and our intrepid observer...

our little kitty, all grown up Zoe. She loves to watch us out the window, but she really enjoys the chipmunks, squirrels, and birds at the feeders, she hunches up like she is going to chase them right through the front bay windows!

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