02 October 2006


We woke up at about 2 am this morning to huge storms. My favorite! I kind of think that it is a small birthday gift to me! I think these have been the biggest storms we have had this year. Lots of rain and lots and lots of thunder! We tried to get some pictures of lightening after we dropped Caden off at the bus, but only managed to catch a flicker...it is difficult to catch lightening on film. It was almost funny, everytime we gave up, it would suddenly flash, right as we took the camera down hmph!

Thank you everyone for the birthday cards, call, emails and birthday wishes.

Caden gave me the best gift, he got onto the bus and instead of waving, he signed "I love you". The other day he had seen me looking up sign language on the computer and asked about it. I told him that we used it when he was a baby before he spoke--like "all done" or "hungry". It was really a passing moment where I taught him to sign "I love you" and he has done it only a couple of times. But today...oh it melted our hearts.

I will end it with some of Caden's art work, his favorite site to see....

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