30 December 2006

bring it on...

From our family to yours; wishing you a happy and healthy new year.

Thank you for stopping by, all of the nice comments, emails, advice, inspiration and understanding. We are hoping for a great new year.

We have a lot of change that could come next year. My MRI showed that I have another bulging disc in my fusion, but the fusion is not broken. The disc is just bulged again, although I have no idea why you can herniate a disc in the place that you have a fusion. So more meds for me, woohoo :( I do get to have epidural injections in mid-January, and beyond that, I am not sure if I am prepared to do anything else.

Paul has been desperately searching for good, stable jobs locally. The economy just stinks here. All of the viable offers have been out of state or out of country. He tried commuting to Chicago and that just did not work, he got extremely depressed being away from us. So, where-ever or whatever the decision is, Caden and I will follow, after the end of the school year. Paul was contacted by a company in the UK, and they will be meeting with him this next week. This would be a huge opportunity for his career. It would also be "fun" to travel and learn different cultures. At least it is an English speaking country. There have been other offers to places way way away. It is the thoughts of what are we going to do about Caden's schooling, my medical problems and what would we do with the house that swim through my head at night. We will just jump over that hurdle when and if it comes.

Paul and I had a lovely night last night. My cousin Sarah saved our day and was able to watch Caden. Paul was able to recover from his stomach virus just in time, also.

thanks for stopping by....take care and have a wonderful and safe New Year's eve/day!

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