29 December 2006

time to organize..

{via illustrator Sara Finelli, she is a great artist!}
cannot wait to take down the tree and clean out the house! Today Caden and I organized all of his toys. Yes, ALL of them. A new rule has been made, no more toys unless we donate some. We did a little donating before Christmas, but not as much as I wanted to. Santa was very generous this year.

Paul surprised us with a Disney Cruise. This was a huge surprise, we were not exchanging gifts for us, things are a little tight in this economy. Paul had purchased this in August, so he has been sitting on the secret for quite a while. We are so excited as we have not had a real vacation since our honeymoon. We all are going in mid-May. We will be on the boat for Caden's birthday, so Caden thinks this is his party! He keeps repeating "I cannot wait till my birthday!" We will
probably have a small party for his birthday after we get back.

Tonight, my cousin Sarah is coming here to watch Caden so Paul and I can redeem our free stay at the Amway Grand and have some together (alone) time. That is, if Paul can get better soon. He suddenly came down this morning with a bad stomach sickness. As of a couple of minutes ago he says he feels better ,but he has not budged himself off from the bed. If we go, we will be back by noon and probably put Christmas away. I love Christmas, but it is nice to be back to a more uncluttered living space.

While shopping the other day, we ran into Petco. I found the most loving, adorable Siamese mix. She wasn't shy at all, not skiddish and just wanted to be pet. We are so tempted to get her. We almost left the store with her, but we decided we better give it some good thought. I think our other cat, Zoe, wouldn't mind, we rescued her from a household full of cats. Zoe is a great cat, but she is sorta stuck up, she doesn't sit on our laps or anything like that. She just likes to be pet on her own time and she will disappear for hours, she could really care less about us it seems. So that is why I would like to get another cat, a cuddly one, and a companion for Zoe when we are gone. We will see what happens.....

for more of Sara Fanelli's artwork please visit here.

ps...Aunt Cheryl, can you please email me your address, we have some pictures and a card for you, but were unable to locate your new address. thanks :)

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