13 December 2006

holiday hurry

{picture of the grand haven pier taken by my mom's friend the other day...}

We have been very busy running around trying to gather gifts for the upcoming holidays. We have one family Christmas celebration this Sunday, a small group celebration Tuesday, Caden's school Christmas party Wednesday, Caden's school caroling on Thursday and after that things will settle down...I have lots and lots of baking and cooking to do...For our celebration on Sunday I am preparing mac and cheese with Grandma Realini's recipe and an apple cake. Tuesday's event is "Christmas morning" theme, so I am bringing banana bread or muffins, and I need to make tons of Christmas sugar cookies for the kids to decorate at Caden's school party. Fun.

My back has been in a huge flare again, so I was lucky to be able to move up my injection to tomorrow.(hopefully-I have an appointment, but it may be too soon to have more injections) We will see what the specialist says. When I called to reschedule I found out that my doctor is no longer going to work on the lakeshore so I will be seeing yet another doctor for my next appointments in the new year. It is always a bit of a set back explaining the years of surgeries and etc to another doctor, but it also means that I will get another opinion and maybe more possibilities of relief. There isn't much you can do to fix a failed fusion though.

Caden has had a lot of troubles with his ears. He had an ear infection last month that went away with anti-biotics, but his ear still had a lot of fluid in it. He hasn't stopped complaining about his ears, so we have kept a close eye on them. They seem like they are getting worse, so we are going to the doctor today to have them checked again....Hopefully we will find a solution, poor little guy...

Well I am off to count the food at the food pantry and then to pick up Caden from school to go to the doctor..

talk to you all soon!
happy holidays to you!

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