16 December 2006


...All presents have been sent and all but one card is on its way! We do not have one address of a relative, so a little research has to be done :) woo hoo

It was too soon to have a spinal injection so I was sent home with yet more pain meds and an order for a MRI. I get to go have the MRI on Sunday at 915 and another appointment with the back doctor on the 28th. I think I can get an injection on that day. Maybe the MRI will give us some more answers. I haven't had one since the fusion. After the MRI it is church and a family Christmas get-together. I am in the midst of baking my apple cake and mac and cheese. Luckily those dishes get better sitting over night.

Paul and I are not exchanging gifts, we decided to spend our gift on a baby sitter. We have a gift certificate for a nice hotel in Grand Rapids {Amway Grand} so we will be going to spend a night away, together. And Caden gets to have fun with a sitter. Luckily he loves his sitters. He doesn't get to see them very much, so I think it is still special to him.

Flickr was acting silly, so no pics :(...

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