28 March 2007

spring has sprung!

Spring break officially starts this Friday for Caden. We are thinking that we will be driving down to South Carolina to check out houses. We are all pre-qualified and think we have found a house, but we still are keeping several others in mind. It is difficult to pick a house out without seeing it.

This is a picture of our first possibility. It is on almost an acre of land and is brand new. It has a double deep garage, but we are used to a double garage that is extra deep, we have talked to the builders about the possibility of adding a separate garage with a studio for my ceramic work. We will see. This has been a bit overwhelming for me. This is why there hasn't been much conversation here on this blog these days.

There has been a little crafting though. I received my Lotta Jansdotter book "Simple Sewing"
It is full of pattern, texture and inspiration. I adore everythingLotta. I admire her aesthetic.
I would like to make the roll-up tool case for my ceramic tools, the hat, and, if I get really gutsy (I am not the most experienced seamstress), I would love to make the garden tote to use to put some portable art supplies in.

I also covered a cork board and added a pocket to it. I made a large tin board and a magnetic chalkboard, all of which are in storage for the move to South Carolina. Oh, I was so inspired by this that I made my own out of my favorite fabric, all of which are now in storage too. (the picture below is the work in progress)

I searched all over the area for baker's twine :

but was out of luck, so I ended up dying hemp twine in several colors to use in my packaging of products.

Let's see, Caden had a great school conference. He is progressing great and gets along with everyone. He is such the thoughtful, caring little guy.

Yesterday he made some chalk art of our family (notice Paul is bald, he he), he was very proud of his creation!

Today I have my follow-up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to see if the nerve block series worked. I would say that the shots helped about 40% of my problem with my back, it relieved the radiating nerve pain down my legs, but did not help my SI joint area at all. So it looks like that both above and below my fusion may be deteriorating. It is good that we are getting somewhere though.

Thanks for stopping by, I will try to update at least once a week, please don't give up on this blog! I promise to share some of my ceramic jewelry too, it is on hold for a bit while we are in this transition time between Michigan and South Carolina. I even got a new slab roller! I am so so excited! But, we decided to keep it boxed up until the move is over, :( I guess I will have even more to look forward to. It is just killing me though, seeing my slab roller sitting there in the box, just wanting to get out and be used! But for right now I focusing on trying to finish my patchwork quilted duvet cover so I can work solely on my ceramic once the move is done in June.

See ya'll soon!

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erin said...

check raffit.com for bakers twine. that's where i get mine.