16 April 2007

the amazing internet...

Ok, I am really thinking I am a puppet with someone with a strange sense of humor at the strings just trying to push me over the edge. We have all of last week, which is summed up in the post right below. Then I had the wonderful luck of our phone being called three times a minute for three and a half hours, from midnight to three thirty. Apparently one of those wonderful "unknown" callers, who use automatic dialer's targeted poor little me. I turned off the phone, but could still hear the answering machine. I called Paul, it interrupted me through caller id, beep beep beep. Hello? click. ugh. Going insane....Luckily Caden was fast asleep and blissfully unaware of my trauma.

We finally got it to end by looking the problem up on the wonderful world of the Internet. Apparently you answer the call and push 11 * 3617 #* . Who would have thought of that. I was in disbelief, but it actually worked.

So I got three hours of sleep last night and did not wake up on the right side of the bed so to speak. Where is that magical hole that I can crawl into? Oh yeah, I am a parent, not so healthy. No hole. Today will be a better day.....um please?

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Dawn Chastain said...

Sounds like life hit you head on! I totally enjoyed reading your blog, not that i was happy at all of the things happening but totally related and Happy that you see the blessings in life through the whole thing.Will check back,dawn