31 July 2007

the adventure is on...

Caden and I were supposed to be catching an airplane tomorrow. Instead we are driving to California. It seems out wonderful credit card flagged our ticket purchase as possible fraud (because we rarely use the card) but neglected to notify us until Sunday night. Now the flight are outrageously expensive...so...our option? Drive! Woo hoo, Caden shed a few tears because he really loves flying and we just drove from Michigan to South Carolina like three times in the last few months. But all is well now, the contract Paul is working on is in its initial stages so he has two weeks he can work from phone/computer etc, so it seemed that it was go now or never.
We are planning on possibly camping or just driving mostly straight through. We will see.

We gave Caden a digital camera so he can document the drive and we will print pics and put it in a scrapbook when we get home, that idea dried up his tears.

So posting may be sketchy for the next two weeks, depending on connection and time. Hope you have a great two weeks! See you soon!

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