20 July 2007

A busy week!

This has been a very busy week for us....lets start from the top.....

Introducing Poppy, the third (and hopefully final!) in the succession of replacement gold fish since the unfortunate demise of Bob. Apparently the chlorine in the water was killing them. We did not have city water in Michigan, so that must have prolonged Bob's life. These weeks of dying fish has made us leery of the water but, in a strange bit of coincidence the "Today Show" had a city water contest where critics judged various water from cities around the United States and Columbia was in the top 3! I was shocked.

Tuesday was Paul's 31st birthday!

Caden and I decorated the house. Paul was really touched, he doesn't like people making a big deal for his birthday. We usually do something low-key, but we changed things up this year and I think we all had a good time.

The cake matched the wrapping paper, it was a little feminine for Paul but, hey, it was summery and cheerful!

Caden helped his dad blow out the candles!

all and all it was a good day.

Ok...lets see....every day this week Caden has been attending VBS at the church that we have been trying out for the last two weeks. He has had a lot of fun and has made some friends. He even has a "girlfriend" named Marissa. She turns six today. They are really cute together. I had to go over some "rules" with Caden...like no kissing! They would hold each other's hands and sneak away from the group. When I asked Caden what he likes about her he said she has a beautiful name and that she likes what he likes. Hey, what more in life do you need? The following day after they announced that they were boyfriend and girlfriend Caden wanted to bring her a dollar so she could "get something for herself that she likes". Thankfully he forgot about his plans before we went to VBS. We will be ending this grand adventure by going to a small water park with the church tonight for the VBS finally.

Last but not least, yesterday was our tenth anniversary! Ten years...wow. We have been through so much. He is still my best friend and all that I could ever ask for. God has blessed our lives. We found each other young, and we have grown so much, gone through cancer twice, eight back surgeries, 4 cross country moves, and one Caden! I am thankful for each and every day we have had together and I look forward to many many many more years, and hopefully decades together.

Paul sent me the most beautiful flower arrangement. Sunflowers + aubergine lilies = one happy girl. In addition he purchased the last band for my wedding ring. I got him a digital picture frame to record our memories past, present and future. We went out for a really nice dinner while Caden was at VBS. (It was the best week for Caden to go to VBS, we really lucked out!...being new to the area and all, we do not have a baby sitter yet!) After Caden went to bed we took a dip in the pool.

So that is our week thus far...we also have made arrangements to go out to California to visit family in August. My dad paid for Caden and my plane tickets (for my birthday gift) which enabled Paul to come out for one of the weeks. Things are tight here with owning two houses right now. Caden and I will spend a week with my dad and when Paul flies out, we will be going on his family's annual camping trip for five days up in Trinity National Forest. It will be the first time in three years for Paul to see his family. Caden hasn't seen Paul's family for two years, and the last time we saw them it was only for a couple of hours.

The real estate sales in Michigan are scary right now. My uncle has had a beautiful new house for sale for over three years and they had an open house last weekend and no one attended. Our house has had a lot of action on the website, lots of people viewing it online and at the open houses, which is good, but no offers yet. We do have one very good possibility but it depends on things working out right on their end too, so, if you can, please pray for things to work out and the house to sell very soon. We had a two hundred dollar electricity bill for our Michigan house and no one is living there (the pool and maybe ac for the open houses)....I have no idea what is up with that...hopefully that will be taken care of for next month-it is ridiculous...I think someone left the pool running or something. It is hard not to have any control over you own house. So, once again, if you can, any prayers for a fast sale on the house would be so appreciated, we need this stress to be taken out of our lives!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely weekend!

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