16 July 2007


Remember months and months ago I posted about making a quilt? And then a few months later I said I finished it? Well, now I finally uploaded some proof!

I sewed yards and yards of patchwork, and then more and more yards of linen strips. Then sewed and sewed some more. Once it was all pieced together I quilted it all together. I made it into a duvet cover, and it was ready right in time to move to South Carolina, whew! You know how much we needed a hot quilt right in the middle of summer in the south! We still use it, just turn the air conditioner down and pretend! Caden has decided that he doesn't get enough use of it, so he wants one of his own!
indulge me with viewing some more pics!

The back and quilted front are attached together with printed twill tape that I had collected.

This pic is of the back, sear sucker fabric with rivets on top and natural linen separated by a strip of patchwork!


...ok the fireworks weren't for me....but we didn't even have to leave our house for the 4th of July, our neighbors had dueling firework displays, I guess there are no illegal fireworks in South

Carolina! It was beautiful!

We have been getting spoiled by going to the movies a lot. We have seen more movies this week than we have seen all of last year. We went to Evan Almighty, Ratatouille and Transformers. It is nice and cool inside there! It is nice that Caden is getting to an age that he can enjoy a movie and sit still long enough that others can enjoy as well.

This is a big week for our family. Tomorrow is Paul's birthday and Thursday will be our tenth anniversary. Caden will be attending VBS this week at a church that we have been trying out. He is excited!

Ok, I better go, Caden is waiting for me to finish so we can go swimming in the pool.

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