02 May 2005

Buggabu website

well i have been revamping my website www.buggabu.com and it is going well. I am planning on having the site up and stocked no later than the end of may! This is my new and improved (i hope!) logo:

The website is a bit contrived as in that i am unable to really design it without contstraints. But it is nice to have a nice start. I am currently working on getting all the jewelry photographed.

But, most importantly, it will be Caden's birthday next week. We rushed to get the shopping done while he was in preschool this morning! We found all of the important big items and now i just need to plan what to bring to school. This is really the first birthday that he will remember and we really wanted to treat him! He just has that ability to make your heart happy even when there is so much sadness around.

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