04 May 2005


well, today I think I am going to post pictures of things that brighten up the day for me. This usually means art of some sort or my family. Since I haven't the energy to think up something to say, thought I would show some interesting items.
Lisa in San Francisco makes these lovely mogbirds, you can visit at http://birdinthehand.blogspot.com/

these are her roundbird design, they are adorable

One day, when I am rich I would love to collect Amy Ruppel's art, you can see it at http://amyruppel.com/index.html

I have been loving everything birdy lately. It seems to be reminiscent of spring, renewal and cheerfullness, I don't know why, birds just make me happy.

I have been wanting to start felting, it seems so versatile. I have found a local place to buy it but only on one ounce portions, so it will be an investment to start. This is an example of a felted purse by kelly mulloy at http://www.kellymulloy.com/index.php

that's all for now!

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