20 May 2005

quick update

All is just plucking along here...nothing new or exciting. Caden's last day of school was Thursday. We leave for Calfornia in two weeks.

Paul left his car unlocked and ran in soomewhere really quick and came back to no briefcase (meaning no laptop). bummer. Out insurance would cover it but we risk a raise in rates or even cancelation since our luck has been well lets just say unlucky lately. On car fire...car destroyed...one lightening storm laptop and phones messed up...two insurance claim (major too) in less than six monthes..hmm we aren't on there good list anymore, well we are, but we would be kicked off of it if we risked this claim. To top it off, someone has been able to hack their way into it and we can see them get on and off from the internet quickly once in a while. The police are investigating, but I am about hopeless.

I have my next appointment with my neuro on Monday, maybe some more blocks, don't know how my insurance will cover, sorta used to duel coverage. I canceled my last appointments because of that, but I can't postpone any longer.

Today is beautiful and Caden and I went to the nursery. We just looked around at all the beautiful varieties of plants.

these were some of the unusual plants we almost couldn't resist, but my inner cheapskate won the battle. They were just so different.

I made another stained glass pendant today, I will upload pics later. hmm, I have been reallyy wanting to get my hands on some wool roving. I wish I wish I wish I could have some so I can make some felt beads and felt flowers sorta like these....aren't they pretty?

via http://www.getcrafty.com/blogs.php?user=leslieduckie

via http://mamaunraveled2.blogspot.com/

via http://www.missfitt.com/index.htm

you can do so much with raw wool or 100% wool yarn by felting it, you can even felt it to silk or any other natural material.

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