11 June 2005


The first day at the garage sale was ok. Today, no, it is painfully dull, absolutely boring, I think I need a drink! I am thinking about clawing eyes out just for a little excitement. We have even had one person stop the car, turn off the engine, look, and literally speed off. I think we frightened them. I told my father that I think his junk frightened them. (honestly it frightens me too, the multitude of junk collected by this household is completely horrifying)

On Sunday, after another grueling day at the sale, Caden and I get to visit with Christie!! Yey, at least something to look forward to! Tonight, Paul and my Mom are going out to dinner, apparently both of them are a little bored also. But I think not quite as bad as we are! Someone please rescue us! Please....

Let's see...on Thursday Caden gets to see Grandma and Grandpa Realini, I bet they will be so surprised at how big he has gotten. I think he is growing again, he is eating us out of house and home. Two boxes of waffles and two boxes of life cereal in one week. hmph.... He is still as skinny as can be!

We have been having fun scooting around on Grandma's scooter. We zoom around the block. Hey...that is also for sale...special price for you today ;) !!! I think Caden's endless energy has driven my Dad to the dark side. He is just not used to the boundless energy that a little four year old boy can display.

Holy cow, we just has our second visitor (if you count the first lady who sped off in horror) Surprise, he didn't want any junk either. We are in utter amazement that my dad has made $140.00 and it looks like we have more junnk than we started out with. I am just not a yardsaler, I haven't inherited the special patience to rummage through crap.

We, I must get back to making sure Caden doesn't drive my Dad completely off the deep end.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the update...we miss you very much...come home and save us too.....Love you.....Mom

michelle said...

love you too! missing you bunches!!