12 June 2005

last day!

Today is the last day of the utterly boring garage sale. One customer!!! Oh, actually two, but only one counts because we knew the other lady was coming today to see what was left. I sold the sewing maching, I was a little sad because I wanted to keep the actual sewing maching that my grandmother used, but getting it back to Michigan is a much different story. So, that's it, so far. We will pack up the remaining contents and stuff it into the back of my Dad's truck to donate to the Senior center and hospice and probably some to Goodwill.

Caden has been as good as he can be. It is tough for a four year old to be entertained during a garage sale. He loves my cousin Kim, though. It has been nice with her helping. It makes it a lot more enjoyable.

Caden has a mysterious spider bite that he is obsessed aboout. He will be fine, it is part of digging around things that have been stored for twenty years.

Caden thought that my Dad was faking his snoring in his lazyboy (which is a daily occurance, Caden just wipes him out), and jumped on him. To say the least, my Dad was a little peaved (sp?) Oh well, my Dad lived through the experience. I think even though he misses us, it is a little too stressful for us to be around, so the end of our two weeks will be a relief for my Dad.

Well, we miss everyone a lot. Caden is quite homesick and misses Daddy bunches. He also misses his bed. I heard that his bunk bed will be dropped off on Tuesday, that will be such a big surprise for him. I cannot wait to see his face.

That's it for now!!

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