13 June 2005

it's over!

Yippee!! The sale is over and the crap has been donated. We moved some furniture around in the living room. Tomorrow we are bringing Grandma's old chair and sewing machine (#2) to Goodwill. We are also looking around for maybe another chair, the furniture is all white and so uncomfortable and just not my Dad's style. The garage.....it's a garage! In the first time in the 21 years this house has been around, you can actually see most of the garage floor and you can actually put a car in it, who woulda thought that, huh? You could just see the sincere relief on my Dad's face, it was like getting rid of old mental baggage. He is now committed to a new, less cluttered life and is actually determined to organize the remaining stuff that is around here and there. Even his tools. Wow.

I feel happy that I was able to guide him and help him through this trial in life. It is hard letting go of memories. I told him he always has the memories, and that the stuff is just like mental clutter, just like a weight on your back, holding you back from feeling free. It really helps to streamline and organize, it just makes a difference in you life. I don't believe in waste, but if the stuff you have sitting around and never used should just be given to a better cause or someone that can put it to good use.

hmm..the dogs got professionally groomed, they are cute. They have really short hair now. I want to take Ben home, but he just is not comfortable with small children. He is pretty good, but gets nervous and grouchy.

We went to the park and sailed my Dad's model boats in the lake. Caden had a blast. It was so hot, we literally melted. We also discovered a huge bee hive. Isn't this so exciting? haha

Well, off to the spa we go. Only four more days till we get home.

Oh, if there is anybody in the Auburn, California area and would like two AKC shi tzu dogs, a mother and son 12 and 8. They are free to a good home, with someone who stays home most of the time. They are loving and just need someone who can stay home with them.


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