05 March 2006


Yep that is Cadenese for Chicago and that is where we have been. We took our first pseudo-vacation in over eighteen months and we really haven't gone on a true "vacation" since our honeymoon....9 years! Wow. We had fun. We upgraded to a suite with down comforters etc in the Hilton Hotel. It was really nice, we got at a lower price than lesser star hotels through the internet. That is where the story begins, yes there is always a story to our adventures.

I was cleaning up after the first night and picked up one of Caden's stuffed animals from near the bed. The only problem is that I didn't get only his stuffed animal, I got a dirty used condom (obviously from a prior visitor-because there is no action going on with your four year old in the bed next to you). DISGUSTING...
So...Hilton put us up in a real suite with a surprise wine, fruit and cheese, and cookies and milk platter at night. A free meal and free movies, free internet. That was nice, but it still was a really disgusting thing to discover in a four star hotel. The suite had whole city views, two rooms, three tv's, a big couch, it was nice. Apparently, if we hadn't paid online, our hotel could have had the stay rebated etc, but I doubt that, I think it was an excuse. But it was a nice surprise.
We had fun, that is all that counts.

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